Every rider wants a shoe that can walk and pedal sweet

The bikepackers paradox — a good bike shoe has a rigid sole, but a rigid sole is not a good hiking shoe. On any long bike trip, whether it’s bikepacking, a tour, or even a day of commuting, you need both. It’s quite the quandary and the focus of my research. There are all sorts of ways to do it — smart ways.

“I worried about how I would cope with wearable tech God status.”

Electroactive polymers! Magnetorheological fluid! Metamaterials!

Research Synthesis

How can one walk in bike shoes? Bike in walking shoes?

It was the final project I’d take on as part of a 4-year product design degree. I’d always said that the new program at Kwantlen allowed you the freedom to take assigned projects in your own direction, but it wasn’t until the fourth and final year that you really had the freedom to pick your own line of inquiry and let it unravel.

In the new school of design, research and reasoning rule. At the end of the 3rd year, we were told to bring 3 research proposals when we came back in September. It was my dream to work…

And why I’d strive for that magic again.

In 2012 I took a working holiday on the underside of the world that changed the course of my life. I met a girl, got focused, and learned to balance who I was with what I wanted to be.

I got this shot because a stranger told me I’d figure out my life in Australia.

“Never, never shall I forget those days of travelling before we reached the posada. Unforgettable days and nights when it was our hearts that sang after we were too tired to speak our happiness.” —Banco, Henri Charrière

In the fall of 2011 I moved back home after yet another summer of painting, a diploma in business administration to my name. Much to the dismay of every parent of a wheel-spinner, I’d opted to finish my stint at business school with the amicable (albeit less concrete) diploma in General Business Management. This decision was not made in haste, I’d done just…

Freelance Product Designer dealing in particles & pixels

Hi! I’m Marcs, a sleeves-rolled-up product designer and prototype maker working across digital experiences, hard goods, and applied tech. Sharpened by the cutting edge, I’ve helped make products out of bold ideas in complex systems, wearable tech, and enterprise SaaS. I work with companies who want to think seriously about design, build iteration engines with tight feedback loops and define new product experiences in uncertain spaces.

Currently I’m looking for full-time work in Germany.


Product Manager — Sema Technologies Inc.

Enterprise SaaS analytics platform for software development teams
August 2018 — Feb 2020 | Halifax NS / Remote

  • Co-design with the needs and requirements of in-house…

Valuable understanding through unstructured interviews

There has been a shift in design that John Maeda described in the 2017 Design In Tech report that’s moved the conversation around design from creating surface values to business value and into the epoch of Computational Design.

Computational Design — Designing for billions of individual people and in real time, is at a scale TBD.

So as we move towards larger and more diverse user bases with products designed for yet undetermined customers, we need to approach user research from an understanding-seeking perspective. …

Marcs Wilkinson

Creative product designer and technologist.

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